IMPACT Graphic Panel

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Available in custom sizes up to 48"x96", these single-sided panels are fabricated from 3/8" haircell ABS plastic with a museum grade digital print.  The signs are over-laminated with a scuff resistant surface material and a UV resistant overlaminate.  IMPACT signs can be custom cut to shape.  3D elements can be bonded to these panels for a unique tactile experience.

IMPACT panels are guaranteed against mechanical failure, vandalism and acts of nature for a period of 10 years.

These panels are ideal for trailhead signs, interpretive pedestals and other outdoor sign locations.

IMPACT panels can be fabricated with a number of optional interactive elements including:

  • NFC Chips
  • Artefact Boxes
  • Spinning Drums and Boxes
  • Dials
  • 3D Elements
  • Flaps
  • Pushbuttons

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