Interactive Flipbook

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Let's face it, as interpreters we always want to say too much.  There is never enough space on a sign for all our themes, ideas and messages.

While we still recommend avoiding a "giant steaming information dump", as Don Enright puts it, interactive flipbooks can provide you with a tool to enhance engagement where it just isn't possible to get everything you want to say down to 150 words or less.

This interactive flipbook sign allows your visitors the opportunity to explore greater detail in interpretive content or investigate changing features like shorelines or aerial views.

This robust sign features aluminum hinges, sturdy 0.080 aluminum pages and our 10 year IMPACT construction for the main panel. HDPE bars on the edges make it easy to flip the pages.

Available with custom sizes and page configurations. Mounting frames are sold separately.  This unit can be mounted to any of our pedestal frames including our rail and bar mounts.