Audio Tour Package - Premium

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Bring audio to your trails with this complete installation package. 

Audio content is delivered through users' smartphones and triggered through NFC/QR and URL triggers.

Users access content through their phone's web browser making the tours universal across phone platforms.  Content is also available to users as a progressive web app - allowing them to install an icon on their phone to make access simple and easy.

Premium packages are fabricated from custom-designed powder-coated aluminum frames and Aluminate sign panels.

Packages include

  • Professional digital voice readings of your audio script in one language (additional languages and translation available.)
  • Aluminate durable signage with programmed NFC chips for each stop ready to mount to your posts.
  • Various sign sizes and configurations available including custom-cut shapes.
  • Custom powder-coated aluminum framing for all stops and trailheads.
  • Trailhead sign with instructions on accessing audio content.  Trailhead signs include an NFC testing station to enable users to ensure smartphones are correctly setup. The custom trailhead is framed with powder-coated aluminum.
  • Design of audio tour landing pages for each stop made available to users as a progressive web app.
  • Webhosting of digital content on secure servers for 5 years.

No monthly or annual fees!

No Apps to download from Google Play or the App Store.

Link to the audio tour from your webpage.